Episode 10 - Three Core Strategies

April 8, 2018

Growing a healthy parish rests on three simple, but not easy strategies that any parish can employ. In this episode we will look at the core strategies that have driven the transformation of our parish and offer some action


Episode 9 - Dealing with Offenses in Ministry

March 12, 2018

As parish staff workers we are going to get offended and hurt by others. Some offense will come through criticism from parishioners and others by staff members and volunteers. This episode looks at how to deal well with these offenses so we can last the long haul in ministry.


Episode 8 - Why Missions Matter

February 13, 2018

Mission work or outreach to people outside our parish reminds us that the Church is to make an impact on the world. While as parishes we can get stuck in simply caring for members or creating programs for church people, the reality is that most people want to belong to something bigger than themselves. They want to be part of a church that is changing and transforming the world. In this episode, we will look at the basics of our missions program and give some practical steps for getting started in you parish.


Episode 7 - Defining Moments

December 31, 2017

Life often comes down to a few defining moments that can set the course and direction of our whole life. Throughout the Scriptures, God uses key moments to get people on board his mission and purpose in the world. In this episode we will look at key ways to leverage moments in the weekend experience and on their spiritual journey.


Episode 6 - Increasing Generosity

December 13, 2017

John Maxwell notes, “Where there is no vision the people perish. Where there is no money, the people perish.” Money is needed to do ministry and growing in generosity is absolutely need to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ. In this episode we will look at some practical steps to help people grow their giving.


Episode 5 - Rebuilt Conference Part 2

November 26, 2017

In this episode we will look at our upcoming Rebuilt Conference and what attendees can expect to get out of the conference.



Episode 4 - Rebuilt Conference

October 18, 2017

Conferences can make a big difference in changing a church culture and growing a healthy parish. Our parish (Church of the Nativity) benefitted tremendously from attending church conferences and learning from people in the trenches. In this episode we will look at how to leverage conferences to grow as a parish


Episode 3 - Commitment

October 18, 2017

Growing a healthy parish takes time and long obedience in the same direction. A parish simply will not grow without the commitment of its leaders. In this episode we will look at the power of commitment and how to last for the long haul.


Episode 2 - First Comes Love

August 26, 2017

GK Chesterton said, “Rome was not loved because it was great. It was great because it was love.” For any parish to thrive, it needs leaders who love the parish and sacrifice to make it better. In this episode we will look at what it means practically to love our parish.


Episode 1 - Delegation

August 22, 2017

Growing a healthy parish requires more than we can do alone. If we try and take all the burden on ourselves, we will burn out. In this episode we will look at a story from the life of Moses and the wisdom it gives for delegating to others.