Episode 8 - Why Missions Matter

February 13, 2018

Tom, Kelly and Carol come together to discuss why it is important to do Missions, and provide practical steps to grow your Missions efforts within your parish. 


Episode 7 - Defining Moments

December 31, 2017

Kelly Lippenholz and Tom Corcoran discuss defining moments in the life of your parish, and how to create these moments that will lead people in a certain direction in your church.


Episode 6 - Increasing Generosity

December 13, 2017

Tom Corcoran and Kelly Lippenholz talk about increasing generosity in your parish.


Episode 5 - Rebuilt Conference Part 2

November 26, 2017

Kellie & Kelly walk through our conference, and answer questions that parishes have asked about the schedule and content.


Episode 3 - Commitment

October 18, 2017

Episode 2 - First Comes Love

August 26, 2017

GK Chesterton said, “Rome was not loved because it was great, Rome was great because it was loved.” Any successful city, organization or parish achieves true success because a group of people love it. In this episode we will look at how to love your parish to a better place.


Episode 1 - Delegation

August 22, 2017

Tune in to hear why we don't like to delegate and some reasons we should delegate.  We will offer practical tips to start delegating now, so that you can become a better leader.